Scrap Car Gravesend Questions Answered

How can you pay Cash For Our Scrap Car We Thought We Couldn’t Have Cash?

We Buy your car as a car Not for scrap, If in a few weeks we cant do anything with your car the we will scrap it.

when my car is collected what happen’s to it?

Our Mechanic’s will despose of your old Car of in an environmentally friendly way, And your car will go through a strict process that we follow. We shall strip all of the recyclable parts of the vehicle prior to it being crushed.

Shall I drain all the fuel and fluids that are in my scrap Car?

Please Don’t try this It is Very Dangourous. Our Driver will remove any fuel left, In a controled & safe environment.

Do you only scrap Cars?

Certainty Not, Here at Scrap car Gravesend Scrap Vans, Lorries, Forklifts as well as Cars We also Buy Cars for resale.

From what areas can you tow away scrap Cars?

We’re able to collect Scrap Cars from Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gravesend, Maidstone, Higham, Gravesend, Dartford,Bexley and SE London.

Even if your Car is not in Gravesend, we may be able to take it. Just Give us a Call or Email Us to find out if we can help.

Can I claim back unused road tax?

Road TAX will be refunded automaticaly as soon as DVLA receive section 9 of the registration document (the yellow section), But please check this is done.

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scrap car Gravesend questions answered