how to scrap your Car

Scrap Car Gravesend How

How to scrap your Car in Gravesend

Have a Scrap Car in Gravesend? Or Any of the Medway Towns it’s easy, Just give us a Call.

Please Call Us and arrange a time for us to collect your scrap car.

Can you please provide as many details as you can about the Car.

Our Driver will Collect your car & logbook as arranged.

Could you Please send us the logbook before hand if needed.

If you are not in possession on the logbook for the scrap car.

We are still able to tow it away, But please tell us beforehand and you will need to contact the DVLA in writing to let them know you are having the Car scrapped.

You getsection 9 of the logbook back signed and dated and with our name and address on.

Then send this to DVLA you are no longer responsable for the vehicle and you will receive a Refund on your Road TAX.

Our Secretary will send the remainder of the logbook to the DVLA.

Once you have done this make a SORN (let them know that the Car is off the road), And tell them that the vehicle can now be de-registered.

Within about 3 to 7 Days DVLA, Will notify you that the car is no longer your responsibility.